CSA Green Bagger Presentations

Virtual 13 min graduate student presentations on their research proposals, early project findings or completed research.

January 20, 2021
Title: Ecological studies of cabbage seedpod weevil and lygus bug to improve sustainable pest management in canola
Presenter: Piratheepa Jegatheeswaran
Presentation Link:

December 16, 2020
Title: Understanding the Genetic basis for Drought-tolerant Nitrogen Fixation in Early maturity Soybeans
Presenter: Dilrukshi Kaushalya Dias Kombala Liyanage
Presentation Link:

November 18, 2020
Title:  Applying Remote Sensing to Potato Late Blight Detection
Presenter: Claudio Ignacio Fernandez
Presentation Link:

October 21, 2020
Title: The role of chlormequat chloride in minimizing lodging risk of spring wheat
Presenter: Amy Mangin
Presentation Link:


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