Best CJPS paper

The Canadian Society of Agronomy (CSA) is very involved in the provision of content for the Canadian Journal of Plant Science (CJPS), along with the Canadian Society of Horticultural Science (CSHS) and the Canadian Society of Weed Science (CSWS). These roles include CSA members being Editors, Reviewers and Authors for CJPS. To further support CJPS, the CSA offers an award each year for what is judged to be the best agronomy-related paper published that year in CJPS. This award does not require nomination by the author, but is awarded based on reviews by the agronomy Editor of CJPS and a panel of about 3 CSA members appointed by the Executive.

The award is an honorarium of $500 plus an invitation to give an oral presentation of the best paper at the annual conference of CSA. Registration at the conference is sometimes also provided, depending on the specific arrangements for the conference. In addition, the CSA endeavours work with the author and a reporter to have the best paper summarized in lay language for publication in a trade journal such as Top Crop.