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The 2020 Canadian Society of Agronomy Annual Meeting will be held in conjuction with The 8th International Crop Science Congress (ICSC 2020) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, June 21-25, 2020.


CSA Awards Presentation and AGM Schedule
June 22, 2020 
12:00 – 13:30 – CSA Awards Presentation (Open to all ICSC attendees.)
18:00 – 19:00 – CSA AGM *Followed by a reception for CSA member attendees.


The theme of ICSC 2020 is ‘Food Security & Safety – Globally’.

  • ICSC 2020 will address how the very multidisciplinary nature of the 21st century crop research is critical to the development of unique, sustainable, agricultural systems having the capacity to support animal and human health, on a global scale, while being mindful of our custodial responsibilities towards the health our plant Earth. 
  • The scientific program will focus on plenary presentations and seperate concurrent sessions that address: topical crop research areas, agronomy and crop physiology, crop genomics, genetics and evolution, recent advances in crop biotechnology and molecular breeding, climate change and crop production under environmental stresses and synthetic biology. 
  • The program will integrate research presentations, poster sessions, position papers, discussion forums addressing strategic planning, and workshops. 
  • Topics and key content will include discussions on;
      • Genetics, Genomics and Breeding 
      • Biotechnology and Agriculture
      • Germplasm and Evolution
      • Agronomy and Translational Physiology
      • Climate Change and Food Security
      • Addressing Biotic Challenges
      • Role of Omics Technologies in Food Sustianability 
      • Predictive & Digital Agriculture 

Registration and abstract submission is open. Visit for more information.

CSA members can use the code CROPCSA to get a 25% discount on ICSC2020 registration.