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Effective immediately, our membership year will now run October 1 to September every year. 

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Members who wish to apply or renew through regular mail may do so. Please contact Marcie Wilson, Executive Director (csagronomy at gmail dot com)

Starting in 2018, CSA offers a 50% discount to members who join from low income countries. These are countries defined as low or low-to-middle income countries/economies by the Word Bank ( ) To make use of this offer, your application must be sent by mail with accompanying payment, using a payment vehicle such as an international money orders. A completed application form or equivalent is needed as well.

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  • Regular members (Includes regular members from Canada AND outside Canada) – $125
  • Graduate Student members, who are students of agronomy or related field at any Canadian/US university or are Canadian students studying agronomy at a university abroad – $30
  • Graduate student bundle, join CSA, CSSS and CSHS – $40
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship members, who hold a formal post-doctoral fellowship at a Canadian/US university – $65
  • Retired members, who were previously Regular members and who have retired from their formal employment – $40
  • Emeritus members, who are Fellows of the CSA and who have retired from their formal employment – $30
  • Undergraduate Student members (non-voting), who are undergrads in agronomy at any Canadian university – $20

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